"Fifty For Women...Ain't What It Used To Be"
Produced & Hosted by: Raza Burgee

Music by Joe Rozum


"Fifty for Women...Ain't What It Used To Be"

Women from a broad base of entertainment and everyday life demonstrate that a birthday every year and a few strands of gray hair, doesn't mean they should be placed in a rockng chair and put out to pasture, but women are getting better, looking better and are healthier plus definitely SEXIER. Some of the ladies featured are: actress/comedian Iona Morris, Grammy nominee Carmen Martinez, actress/makeup artist Kimber Eastwood (Daughter of Clint Eastwood) , and herbalist specialist Dr. Eve Venues are the Ricardo Montalban Theatre/AFTRA Boardroom. So girls look out! The end of the piece is graced by Raza's Rap "A Real Man Ain't caught Up 'Bout a Size 5 Dress."



SAG Foundation Screening 2009




Kodak Screening 2008